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Most recent planning applications have been for small extensions and did not cause us any worries; however, we have been concerned with a few and have sent our views to the appropriate authorities. Fortunately, the plan to build a dwelling in the small rear garden of 30, Station Road (Blue Mondays) was rejected. We now await the response to the building of a flint wall to the front and side of The Powell Arms. The Square is part of our Conservation Area and a wall, particularly if it is along the line of the current barrier, would seriously damage the vista at the entrance to the churchyard and the lychgate. Early pictures of the inn show only two seats on the front wall and a road in front; it is not clear when they were allowed to expand into the former road. We have objected and, fortunately, it has been called in by T.D.C. Councillor, Alasdair Bruce, which means it will go before the full Planning Committee. Let’s hope they reject it.

At the September B.P.C. meeting a number of residents complained about the operations at the car wash at the top of Brooksend Hill. They objected to the lack of proper drainage, fumes and spray over their properties. Planning permission was applied for some time ago and B.R.A. objected, partly because of its position on the A28 and also because it was largely a residential zone. As far as we know, planning permission was refused, but this does not seem to have deterred the owner. We await answers.

The other major issue has been the future of the garden at Christies Wine Bar. A previous T.D.C. administration granted them a lease to use the garden and put tables on it. In July T.D.C. gave them notice to quit by December after several Birchington T.D.C. Councillors had made varying complaints. Now B.R.A. was opposed to it in the beginning for fear of noise and rowdy behaviour, but after a few teething problems, it has not been a problem and has, in fact cut out previous anti-social behaviour with no instances reported to the police. The people close by have no complaints and at the July B.P.C. meeting Christies asked why. At first they were told this was not a B.P.C. matter (councillors were unaware of it) and complaints were confidential, but then the lean-to from smokers was cited, the state of the garden and A.S.B. They have agreed to remove the shed; the garden is fine – much better than when T.D.C. managed it and a petition with over 1,000 signatures was sent to T.D.C. as well as a letter from B.R.A. Again we await results.

Finally, a year ago our K.C.C. Councillor said, with a K.C.C. grant and money from him, we could have a new bus shelter in the village and Sandles Road decided on. Then nothing happened for nearly a year despite reminders to send off the forms. Now these forms have been completed and it should appear soon.

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