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The Executive


Neighbourhood Watch

The CT7 post code is known as Zone 9 in the Thanet CT Police District and is the area covered by Birchington Neighbourhood Watch. Its foundation was suggested in 1985 in the B.R.A. magazine and the January 1987 edition reported the establishment of B.N.W. It flourished until 1990 when the Chief Co-Ordinator died and could not be replaced. However, in 1992 a small group including Roger Walford, determined to resurrect it. Dennis Cooper joined them a year later, became Chairman and by 1998 75% of roads in Birchington were members. Dennis then became Chairman of Thanet N.W. and joined the Executive Committee of Kent N.W. All continued well and in 2008 a PCSO was appointed to Birchington and then a K.C.C. Warden. They have always been great supporters of N.W. and work closely with it, attending meetings, giving reports and listening to any problems. N.W. has not been so strong in some areas and there have been numerous changes in how the police liaison for the area works, but Dennis Cooper steered the group through all the problems.

Roads have volunteer co-ordinators who receive warnings from the police and pass them on to members. Lately, it was decided that messaging would be by email rather than telephoning and it was thought many long-standing co-ordinators would not be able to carry on, but by asking neighbours to take messages for them, this has largely been resolved.With the death of Dennis who did so much for N.W., the future is again uncertain. New members are needed (it costs nothing to join) and also people who would be happy to act as co-ordinators or join the committee.

It has been shown that areas covered by N.W. experience less crime, because members are made aware of problems and are more active in helping to prevent it. It encourages better links within the community and with the police whilst there is less fear among residents, made aware of the real risks. Also, as members advise the police of crimes, the police are better able to prevent crime. N.W. meetings are open to all members of the public and are held in the David Burley Gallery, Alpha Road on the third Wednesday in January, April, July and October. At the moment they are at 2.30, but views are being taken about having evening meetings to allow more to attend.

For further information contact Roger Walford on 843594.

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Nick Evans, with the support of B.P.C. organised another brilliant Trains in Focus exhibition.

• After a public consultation  B.P.C. is partly paying for the Crispe Park play area to be upgraded and for daffodil bulbs to be planted there.

• The shelters at Minnis Bay, are in a poor state. T.D.C. engineers are currently surveying them and working with B.P.C. with a view to restoration.

• King Ethelbert School received a good Ofsted report and once again excellent examination results. Pat Buckley who has taught at the school for 38 years, even since retiring, won the title of Fundraiser of the Year (South) for his work with the Enjewel Project. The pupils raise funds (over £30,000 in 2014) for an orphanage in Goa which pupils visit.


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